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Newark Mayor Cory Booker Wins US Senate Election with Strong Support From New Brunswick

Booker Will Take Office Immediately After Defeating Republican Steve Lonegan and Six Other Challengers
Cory Booker
Cory Booker won the election for US Senate today. Here he is enjoying himself at a breakfast this summer at the Heldrich Hotel. Charlie Kratovil

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Cory Booker is the next Senator from the state of New Jersey, propelling the longtime Newark politician to Washington D.C.

There, he will be one of two Senators representing New Jersey through 2014, finishing out the six-year term of the late Frank Lautenberg.  Next year, he will have to run for re-election if he wants to keep the job.

83% of voters in New Brunswick supported Booker who defeated Republican Steve Longen by a 2,149 to 400 margin in the Hub City.

Overall results show Booker prevailing by a 55%-44% margin statewide, according to WNYC's website.  He will be the first African-American to represent New Jersey in the US Senate.

A total of 2,581 ballots were cast today at New Brunswick's fifteen polling places, an increase of 57% over the August 15 primary election.

Booker won every one of the 28 districts in New Brunswick by a wide margin.  The closest Lonegan came to beating him was in Ward 1, District 5 where Booker won 111-79.

Ward Cory Booker Steve Lonegan Other
% Booker
First 532 166 8 75.4%
Second 636 70 9 89.0%
Fourth 438 47 2 89.9%
Fifth 251 42 4 84.5%
Sixth 292 86 9 75.4%
TOTAL 2,149 411 32 82.9%