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Maryland Police Bust New Brunswick Man with 350 Lbs. of Marijuana in His Van

Second Time He Has Been Caught Out-of-State With Large Amount of Weed
Donald P. Gayle
Donald Gayle, five years ago, after being arrested and charged with possessing 100 lbs. of marijuana in Laurel, Delaware Laurel Police Department

WORCESTER CO., MD—In one of the biggest drug busts in the history of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, state police offiicials announced Friday that a man from New Brunswick, Donald P. Gayle, had been arrested and charged with possessing 350 lbs. of marijuana following a routine traffic stop.

According to a report in the Baltimore Sun, Gayle was pulled over for failing to move over to an available lane when passing a state police patrol car near Berlin, Maryland.

Gayle is being held on $650,000 bail, likely because it is the second time he is being charged.  In 2008, police in Laurel, Delaware arrested Gayle after finding about 100 lbs. of marijuana in a van he was driving.  Police said he ran a red light and marijuana literally fell from his pocket as he exited the van.

Mr. Gayle is registered to vote at an address on Birchwood Court in North Brunswick, but is currently a New Brunswick resident according to Maryland State Police.