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Man Assaulted After Chasing Robbers Who Took His Cellphone

Victim Injured Friday Night Near Corner of Bristol and Delafield Streets
Bristol Street
Krauszer's convenience store located at Bristol and Guilden Streets. Bing Maps

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ— Shortly before midnight on Friday, January 23, a man reported that he was assaulted and robbed in the city's Sixth Ward.

The victim reported that he was walking in the area between Bristol Street and Delafield Street, when he was approached by a group of four or five men.

A member of the group allegedly grabbed a cell phone from the victim's hand, and fled down Bristol Street towards Guilden Street.

When the victim chased after and confronted the group, he was physically assaulted, at which point further "items of value" were taken from him.  The group then fled down Guilden Street towards Prosper Street. 

Bleeding, the victim went to the nearby Krauser's convenience store on Guilden Street, wandered around briefly and then left.

The employee present at Krauser's called police. 

No weapons were displayed or used, according to a crime alert issued by the Rutgers University Police Department. However, police radio transmissions indicate that one of the muggers threatened to shoot the victim.

"No [firearm] was shown, but they did threaten him... that they were gonna shoot him," one of the responding police officers said at approximately 12:08 am.

The descriptions of the perpetrators were "limited," according to the crime alert, but the radio transmissions revealed that the group was described as four or five black men, in their early twenties, averaging at between 5'7 and 5'8 in height.

The crime alert mentioned another incident that occurred approximately 28 hours prior, where a man was robbed and assaulted in an alley on Brookside Avenue.

"It is unknown if these incidents are related," reads the alert, issued to the campus community on Sunday, January 25.