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At Least 11 People Were Arrested at First Rutgers Big 10 Football Game

Piscataway Police Arrested 2, RUPD Arrested 9, and NBPD Did Not Respond to Inquiries
Fans Detained
Two football fans detained in Piscataway's Johnson Park as the game got underway. Charlie Kratovil

PISCATAWAY, NJ—Rutgers University Police arrested nine people for a slew of offenses during the course of the evening Saturday night, while Piscataway police arrested two more for disorderly conduct.

It wasn't just any Saturday night, though.  It was the first-ever Big 10 football game for Rutgers University, and the first football game to sell out the stadium in years.

Rutgers lost to Penn State 13-10, but the 8pm kickoff time led to many arrests before the game even started.

Rutgers University's Police Department made nine arrests Saturday evening, according to university spokesperson EJ Miranda:

  • Three for obstructing administration of law/governmental function.
  • Two for simple assault.
  • One for disorderly conduct.
  • One for trespassing.
  • One for attempting to sell unapproved merchandise bearing the Rutgers brand.
  • One arrest on a warrant from another jurisdiction.

No university crime alerts were issued for any of the incidents.

A Piscataway Police Department Captain told New Brunswick Today that there were "no major incidents other than the traffic," and that his officers arrested two individuals off-campus who were charged with disorderly conduct.

New Brunswick police officials did not respond to requests for information about arrests they were involved in on Saturday night.

According to police radio transmissions, city police and the New Brunswick Fire Department responded to a mattress that was lit on fire on Richardson Street following the game.