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Former Minnesota Governor & Pro Wrestler Jesse Ventura Visits NB for Book-Signing

Jesse "The Body" Ventura Signed Copies of His New Book at City's New Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Jesse "The Body" Ventura
Jesse Ventura will be in New Brunswick tomorrow for a publicity event at the new Barnes & Noble WWF

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Most famous for winning the Governor's seat in Minnesota as a third-party candidate, Jesse Ventura has lived a remarkably interesting life.

And that life will take him to New Brunswick this Sunday afternoon to sign copies of his new book, "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODicans: No More Gangs in Government."

Starting at 2pm, the former Governor will be signing copies of the book at the city's new Barnes & Noble Rutgers bookstore.  As we reported last month, the store opened August 1st at 100 Somerset Street.

Ventura served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War and became a professional wrestler beginning in 1975.

After retiring from wrestling, he became a commentator who announced not just wrestling events, but also professional football.  He also entered the world of acting, and appeared in films including "Predator," "Running Man," "Demolition Man," and "Batman & Robin."

In 1990, he ran against and defeated the longtime mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.  He served as mayor for four years.

Ventura then went on to run for Governor as the nominee of the Reform Party in 1998, which he won in a close election.

He served one four-year term as Governor, before retiring from politics.  He has since gone on to write several books and host his own television show, "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura."