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Cyclist Seriously Injured by Car Door Near Burger King

Ticket Issued to Unlicensed Driver Who Helped Transport Victim to Hospital
Charlie Kratovil

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--A 54-year-old city resident was seriously injured at approximately 4pm yesterday, when he rode his bike into an open car door in front of the Burger King on George Street, according to police.

An unlicensed driver, 31-year-old Melvin Martinez-Romero, had pulled over his silver Toyota Camry to drop off a passenger when Adolfo Guzman struck the car door and received a laceration to his neck.

Martinez-Romero and his passenger, 34-year-old Vicente Telayehuatl-Hernandez, both "assisted the bicyclist and drove him to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where he was treated for his serious but non-life threatening injuries," reads a press release issued this morning by local police.

The New Brunswick Police Department issued a summons to Martinez-Romero for not having a driver's license.