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Burglary Suspect Who Stole NBPD Truck and Ran Over Officer's Legs in Custody

NBPD Captures Andrell Childs Hiding in Crawlspace of a Home on Handy Street
Crime Scene
NBPD vehicles were blocking off Comstock Street yesterday, the site where an officer was run over by a police truck. Charlie Kratovil

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A nearly four-hour manhunt came to an end on February 4 when police located the 26-year-old man they say stole a NBPD truck and ran over a police officer with it.

Andrell Childs had "barricaded" himself in the basement of 204 Handy Street by the time officers arrived at about 3:45pm, according to police.

"Officers were able to enter the residence and apprehend Mr. Childs without incident," reads a police press release issued at 6:30pm.

Childs was actually lodged in a crawlspace, according to police radio transmissions.  Officers requested assistance from the New Brunswick Fire Department, but apprehended Childs before a fire engine arrived.

Childs and Duane Quarles Jr. man are facing serious charges that began with a burglary around 12 noon at 48 Baldwin Street, in the Second Ward.

After a footchase through backyards in the area of Hale Street and Commercial Avenue, one officer was injured when the suspect hopped into a running NBPD truck and ran over his legs.

ABC New York's Toni Yates spoke to a witness who said the suspect was dressed in blue.  At first, he thought the burglar was a police officer.

"This guy comes around the corner, in between the building... I thought he was a policeman," said Robert Fyffe, a neighborhood resident.  But he realized soon that the man in blue was a criminal.

"Cop ran into the car, actually was inside the car.  And then he took off and he fell out and his back wheels ran over his legs," said Fyffe.

Fyffe said he ran up to the police officer, asking if he was okay.  Fyffe said the officer was "in shock" and that his legs were "beat up."

Still, the police characterized the injuries to the officer as minor, and did not reveal their identity.  Police radio transmissions indicate the officer in question is named either "Shaw" or "Shah."

At this time, Childs is charged with burglary, attempted murder, obstruction, resisting arrest, aggravated assault on police, the same charges filed against Quarles.

Childs also faces a charge of receiving stolen property for taking the police truck, which was found a half-hour later inside a nearby gated community called Fulton Square.

"This investigation is ongoing and additional charges may follow," reads the press release.