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Another Brunswick-Based Tax Preparer In Trouble With the Feds

Allentown, PA resident's New Brunswick-Based Tax Business Cannot Prepare Federal Returns, Says Judge

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A federal court permanently banned Carmen Gonzalez of Allentown, PA from preparing federal tax returns last Thursday.  Needless to say, her New Brunswick-based tax preparing business, Carmen Tax Services, faces an uncertain future.

Gonzalez consented to the order without admitting wrongdoing, according to the Home News Tribune.  Authorities said she failed to comply with "due-diligence requirements" related to the Earned Income Tax Credit program, and that she falsified deductions and listed bogus dependents on her clients returns, according to the report.

Gonzalez must write all of her customers since January 1, 2005 and inform them of the order.

Just over a week ago, Amro Badran, owner of Badran Tax Consultants, at 152 Livingston Ave. plead guilty to $1.5M in bank fraud.