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Alternate Side Parking Regulations Return For Next 7 Months

Most Streets Will Force Parkers to One Side For a Total of 4 Hours Every Week
NBPA Warning
The Parking Authority gave out warnings like these to cars parked on streets where alternate side parking begins today. Charlie Kratovil

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's parking authority will begin enforcing alternate side parking regulations today, requiring drivers to park on only one side of certain streets for two hours at a time.

The regulations are meant to allow the Department of Public Works' street sweepers to go right up to the curb, but violators frequently end up in the way, leading to large numbers of parking tickets.

The impact of alternate side parking is particularly felt in areas near Rutgers University campuses, where parking remains at a premium until the spring semester concludes in about six weeks.

The authority's enforcement officers spent much of last week leaving printed warnings on the windshields of vehicles across the city.

"In order to do their job properly, street sweepers need curbs to be clear of vehicles," says the literature.

"By leaving your vehicle on the street when the sweeper arrives, you are preventing the curb line in that area from being cleaned... Be a good neighbor, obey the alternate side parking rules and move your vehicle."

Tickets for alternate side parking will cost violators $27 if they are found guilty.

Alternate side parking regulations usually affect streets for two hours each during the business day on two separate days.  Parking is prohibited on each side of a given street once per week.

Officials with the city's parking authority have said that cars are not ticketed once the street sweeper has done its job, even if parking is still technically prohibited.