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Proponen Ley Para Que Reos Condenados Puedan Votar En New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ—Un segmento importante de la población de esta ciudad se verá beneficiada si prospera un Proyecto de Ley que contempla ampliar el derecho a votar, algo que no ocurre desde hace más de 170 años en el estado de New Jersey.

La acción presentada el pasado cinco de marzo por los senadores Ronald Rice y Sandra Cunningham, ha sido denominada S-2100 y concedería el derecho a votar a las personas condenadas por delitos graves que gozan del beneficio de libertad condicional o que cumplen sentencias.

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As Feds Stifle Public Comment Process, Citizens Rally Against Proposed Compressor Station in Franklin

FRANKLIN, NJ—On May 2, around 200 residents of Franklin Township and surrounding areas joined representatives of environmental organizations at an “Open Mic Rally” opposing the proposal to build a gas compressor station ten miles outside of New Brunswick.

They were joined by a busload of residents from Princeton, and other opponents hailing from communities including Montgomery and Sayreville to express their concerns about air and water pollution, and the risk of explosions, leaks, and fires associated with the controversial proposal.

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Newly-Released Video Shows RU Football Team’s 2015 Streetfight

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A disturbing video never before seen by the public shows several former Rutgers University football players instigating a violent streetfight back in April 2015.

More than three years later, only one of the six athletes identified in the video has spent significant time behind bars, and that's only because he faced an expensive bail on unrelated charges he robbed drug dealers in a string of armed home invasions.

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