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County Prosecutor Carey Under Fire For Statement Disproven by Video

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—Residents are demanding an independent investigation after police videos raised new contradictions with the story that County Prosecutor Andrew Carey has propagated about the death of Daniel Nagahama.

Nagahama, a 28-year-old Edison resident, passed away at a New Brunswick hospital just three hours after officers with the Highland Park Police Department (HPPD) deployed pepper spray against him during a rough arrest on June 2, 2016.

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Police Reports Contradict Prosecutor Statement on Highland Park Death

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—Documents released in response to a lawsuit against the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) reveal inconsistencies in their official story of a man who died hours after police interacted with him last year.

This much is clear: Police found 28-year-old Daniel Nagahama alive, but the young man's life came to an early end just hours after his run-in with cops led him to be taken to a hospital in the Hub City.

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Franklin Police Stop in Brunswick Leads to Internal Affairs Complaint

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–After dropping off a child from the youth program she ran, a local woman found herself doing one thing during a traffic stop this summer: waiting.

“I was waiting for some sort of explanation. I thought I must have a taillight out or I must have been speeding. I figured it was routine,” said Laura Eppinger, formerly a program associate for the Rutgers-affiliated New Brunswick 4-H youth club.

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