NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—While most residents were taking in the festivities during the 4th of July, residents of one Fourth Ward neighborhood experienced a “large disturbance,” according to police.

Allegedly, a man was waving around a weapon that looked like a handgun—but may have turned out to be an imitation firearm—on the grounds of the New Brunswick Housing Authority’s Scwartz-Robeson public housing complex.

Police responded to the Robeson Village section after receiving reports of a man with a firearm threatening the crowd of people at about 11pm that evening.

During the incident Marcellous Goines, a 33-year-old man from Kendall Park, was arrested on Jennings Court and charged with disorderly conduct.

But Goines wasn’t the one packing heat, according to a New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) press release.

After an investigation into the incident, New Brunswick detectives identifed who they believe was the individual that had the firearm that night: Alberto Gomez, a 22-year-old resident of Bergen Court.

Gomez was arrested at his home on July 6 around 4 pm.

He is facing charges of harassment, making terroristic threats, and possession of an imitation firearm for unlawful purposes, according to police records obtained by New Brunswick Today. 

Days later, the firearm was recovered “in a wooded area of Jersey Avenue where they were hidden
after the incident,” according to NBPD Captain JT Miller.

NBPD did not respond to follow-up questions about the incident.  The press release did not mention that the weapon was an imitation, and stated that Gomez was facing “multiple firearm offenses.”

Anyone who may know something regarding this dusturbance has been asked to contact Detective Drew Weiss at (732) 745-5217.