EDISON, NJ—The Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department is holding another eight-week-long civilian academy course this fall.

Applications are currently being accepted, and are due “no later than” August 14.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, reside within the County of Middlesex, have no felony convictions, not be wanted for any crime, and submit to a limited background check.

The academy will  take place at the Middlesex County Training Center Located at North Patrol Road in Edison.

“The students get a better understanding of what law enforcement really does,” said the Department’s Community Awareness Coordinator Frank Sautner.  “They get a real look at our day to day operations.”

Sautner said students will learn about law enforcement, and what the Sheriff’s Office does for the community, as well as information about first aid, defense tactics, and other valuable skills.

“I feel that this is a great opportunity for people to come out, and experience what law enforcement officers do every day,” added Sautner.

There is no fee to take the course, and students are provided an academy polo shirt as part of their uniform.

This is the sixth year that the county has ran the class.   Sautner said the number of applicants normally ranges between 80-100 students.

The course is set to begin on September 21, 2017.