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HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—Award-winning local hip hop artist Jason Fraticelli, better known by his stage name “Silent Knight,” will be hosting a fundraiser on Friday, July 27 to raise awareness on the serious issue of human trafficking.

The event, starting at 7pm, is to take place at Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar. Admission is free with a suggested donation of $10. 

Proceeds will go to The Salvation Army of the Greater Philadelphia Area.  They, along with a number of partners in law enforcement and social services, have been fighting against the traumatic effects suffered by victims of human trafficking, thanks to its New Day to Stop Trafficking Program.

The program, complete with its own drop-in center, provides comprehensive services for young women who were trafficked for sex as minors and are aging out of child protective services.

“Staff work to build rapport with individuals who have had their trust violated and are trained to look for human trafficking red flags,” reads the program’s website. Staff are also trained on how to provide case management services and address psychological, social, physical and emotional issues specific to these.

Starting at 7pm and running until 12am, the lineup of the evening will include performances from Laurence Hart & Michael Steinbruck, Danielle Illario, Sad Lips, Foxanne, and The Turnbucklers

“I’m honored to be a part of this event,” Silent Knight told New Brunswick Today. “More than honored, I feel…obligated.”

“I feel the least I can do is lend my time and my voice to a cause so great. The level of trauma these young woman has been through is something I could never comprehend, but just thinking about it, and just knowing it exists and still goes on, is infuriating.”

According to the 2014 Global Slavery Index, there are approximately 35.8 million people worldwide who are enslaved in labor or sex trafficking, or both.

The illegal industry is estimated to bring in $150 billion annually, according to the International Labor Organization—more than Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Nike’s annual income combined.

There are 35.8 million people enslaved in labor or sex trafficking, according to the 2014 Global Slavery Index (2014), roughly earning around $150 billion each year. 

Individuals who want to report incidents involving human trafficking, or help possible victims, can call the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office at 855-END-NJ-HT. More information can be found at

Reporter at New Brunswick Today

Molly O'Brien is a law student and reporter in the city of New Brunswick.

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Molly O'Brien

Molly O'Brien is a law student and reporter in the city of New Brunswick.