CARTERET, NJ—Nicholas Schneiderman, a 43-year-old man from Carteret, was indicted by a state grand jury June 20 on charges including insurance fraud and theft by deception.

The charges came after Schneiderman allegedly tried to impersonate his deceased mother to acquire a lower price on renter’s insurance using her senior discount.

He also allegedly made false claims related to his mother’s jewelry, and other valuables stolen from him during 2012’s Superstorm Sandy.

The charges against Schneiderman include two counts of insurance fraud, one second-degree charge and one third-degree charge.

He is also facing third-degree theft by deception, third-degree attempted theft by deception, and fourth-degree impersonation.

Schneiderman allegedly collected over $6,000 from one insurance company, and then filed a claim with another insurance company over the same supposedly-stolen laptop computer, gold chain, and diamond earrings.  The second claim was denied and an investigation ensued.

According to a press release from the Attorney General’s Office, “Schneiderman is accused of pretending to be his deceased mother in a June 2012 phone call to Hartford Insurance Company… during which he transferred her AARP-discounted renters insurance from her apartment to his own.”

Schneiderman allegedly wanted to keep her policy open because of its favorable rates and high limits.

During the call he allegedly added his name to the policy as his mother’s “husband.”

New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino stated in the release, “This defendant is now facing serious charges for his alleged attempt to illegally line his own pockets at the expense of an insurance program intended to help senior citizens.”

If convicted, Schneiderman would face time in state prison, and fines that could exceed $100,000.

His next appearance in court will be for an arraignment on July 24.