NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–It's that time of year again!  New Jersey’s State University will be having their annual Rutgers Day celebration on Saturday, April 29 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Rutgers University invited New Jersey residents of all ages to join the celebration, which includes events here, as well as in Newark and Camden.

People will be able to take this opportunity to explore Rutgers' arts, humanities, science, technology and so much more through a variety of activities.

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EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ—The girls' bathroom at East Brunswick's vocational and technical high school campus was the scene of a stabbing that sent a 15-year-old to the hospital on March 22.

The names of the alleged perpetrator and the victim are not being disclosed by authorities at this time.

An official statement said that a 17-year-old girl had been charged with "stabbing a 15-year-old classmate at the campus."  According to, the victim was stabbed in the face during the attack.

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SOMERSET, NJ—Dr. Curtis Nordgaard, a pediatrician and researcher from Massachusetts, discussed the health risks of building a compressor station in Franklin on March 18

Nordgaard's presentation also focused on the health risks of additional pipelines being built and proposed in central Jersey.

Dr. Curtis Nordgaard works to stop proposed natural gas pipeline expansions in Massachusetts and co-founded Massachusetts Health Care Providers against "fracked gas," the byproduct of a controversial method of drilling.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—At approximately 6:50 am on Saturday, March 18, New Brunswick police officers along with firefighters and emergency medical personnel were called to the scene of a crash that took place at 232 French Street.

A vehicle had lost control and struck the home at that location, which is near the border of New Brunswick and Franklin Township.

The driver of the vehicle was 22-year-old Javier Cortes-Ortiz, a New Brunswick resident who was driving two passengers.

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PISCATAWAY, NJ—Authorities announced on March 22 that a township resident had been arrested and charged with possessing illicit images of children on his home computer.

Lawrence Lapczynski, age 47, was arrested one day earlier and charged with a single count of possession of child pornography, according to the official statement from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers University’s Women Organizing Against Harassment (WOAH) will organize a protest march on Wednesday, April 19, starting with a rally at College Hall on the Douglass Campus at 7 p.m.

The march will begin at 8 p.m., outside College Hall, located at 125 George Street, and travel through downtown New Brunswick towards Voorhees Mall, located at the corner of Hamilton Street and College Avenue.

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