NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two women who spearhead “Mesh Awareness Movement” (MAM) have been busy organizing a rally that will take place outside the Johnson & Johnson (J&J), annual shareholders meeting, on April 27, at the State Theatre.

Asked the day before the MAM rally how many women were expected to be in the Hub City and attend the “peaceful protest,” Tammy Jackson, a Kentucky resident and co-founder of the group, said: “Between everybody about 50 to 60 people.”

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—For the first time in history, four seats on the New Brunswick Board of Education (BOE) will be elected at the same time on April 25.

Following the unexpected resignation of board member Franchesca Fowler last summer, the BOE will be electing four people this year, instead of the usual three.

Voting will take place at the regular polling places in New Brunswick, including many district schools, between 7am and 8pm.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On April 18, Hub City-based corporation Johnson & Johnson (J&J) published quarterly sales numbers that were below estimates amid sluggish U.S. sales, though world-wide sales increased.

But a bright spot for J&J is the pending acquisition of Swiss biotech group Actelion Ltd., which J&J is buying for $30 billion.

Actelion was founded in 1997 and employs more than 2,000 people.  It is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company that specializes in rare diseases.

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ–Authorities announced on March 28 that they had charged a member of the clergy with stealing approximately $700,000 at his side job at a local repair company.

Robert Keith, a 46-year-old West Orange resident, was charged with credit card theft, money laundering, forgery, theft by unlawful taking, and unlawful use of a credit card, according to the official statement.

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