NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On January 12, a phone exploded at the New Brunswick High School according to multiple accounts from students and teachers.

The explosion occurred around noon after a student dropped the phone while it was charging, connected to an outlet inside a D-pod classroom on the second floor.

Every source that New Brunswick Today spoke to said that the phone that exploded was an iPhone.

“I heard about the Samsung phones doing that.  I didn’t know about the iPhones doing that,” said NB Public Schools Seccurity Director Peter Mangarella.

“As soon as it hit the ground, it sparked…. It flashed.”

Mangarella said the explosion was minor, but the school still was still evacuated.

“We evacuate the school anytime you have something like that,” said Mangarella.

After about 15 minutes the fire department arrived and disposed of the phone.

This is not the first time a smartphone has exploded.

Over the summer of 2016, there were numerous accounts of phones short-circuiting.  Most reports claimed it was the Samsung Note 7.

But this time it is was an Apple product that was unexpectedly smoking.

“It started smoking,” said Mangarella. “What happened was I think when he was charging it, he dropped it accicentally.”

No major damage was caused by the explosion and the atmosphere around the school seemed to have been the same as before it went off.