NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—All defendants arrested on a warrant in New Jersey are now subject to a new system involving them being given a "risk assessment" score, also known as a Public Safety Assessment (PSA) score.

Thanks to new state laws, and an amendment to the State Constitution approved by voters in 2014, New Jersey courts have moved towards a new model of deciding conditions of release and bail for criminal defendants.

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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ—A man is known by the company he keeps, or so the saying goes.

New US President Donald Trump and New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie have been friends for over a decade.

Both Trump and Christie siezed power by defeating establishment candidates in upset elections.

While it remains to be seen whether Trump's story arc will follow that of Christie's spectacular downfall, it is apparent both men have quite a bit in common.

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UPDATE (3/1): Defendant Jason Lewis turned himself in to authorities at the Somerset County Jail on February 10. Jaki Hooks-Lewis turned himself into authorities yesterday while at his attorney’s office located in Newark on February 28.

FRANKLIN, NJ–Local law enforcement is seeking the public's help in located a father and son duo who they say were behind a January 3 shooting on Dewald Avenue and "should be considered armed and dangerous."

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–The Hub City's newest supermarket has changed its name once again.

After 17 months as "Key Food Marketplace," the 50,000 square-foot market is changing to a new brand name: "Superfresh."

Key Food Stores Co-Operative Inc. "intends to utilize the SuperFresh brand going forward for all Key Food stores in New Jersey,” according to Jennifer Bradshaw, the City of New Brunswick's public information officer.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) confirmed that one person was arrested early morning on January 7, after attempting rob Dani’s Deli And Grocery Store on Somerset Street. 

Charles Bivens, a 32-year-old from Highland Park, was later released on January 10 under New Jersey's new pre-trial detention policies.

Bivens was arrested and charged with Robbery and Tampering with Evidence, according to the NBPD spokesperson.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In honor of our first five years of covering the city we love, we've put together a highlight reel of some of our biggest accomplishments and most memorable moments captured on video.

Since December 2011, New Brunswick Today has been working hard to educate and empower the community about what is going on in New Brunswick and the rest of Middlesex county.  We ask the tough questions that the community wants us to ask, and sometimes things can get very interesting, especially when a camera is rolling.

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