NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The movie theatre on Route 1 is home to one of the city's largest parking lots, but that lot was also a crime scene on October 30.

Police responded to the scene at approximately 1:00pm, according to New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) Captain JT Miller, where they found the body of a man who they believe shot himself inside a parked vehicle.

"The preliminary police investigation suggests suicide however a final determination cannot be made until an autopsy is completed," Miller told New Brunswick Today.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—New Brunswick and Middlesex County agencies affect many aspects of New Brunswick residents' lives, along with several other major organizations such as the non-profit hospital Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and public schools like Rutgers University.

These organizations, and many others that you might not know about, host public meetings from time to time. 

If you want to attend a public meeting this month, you can look at this schedule of meetings times and locations.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Local police have their hands full with a string of unsolved crimes plaguing the Rutgers University community in the leadup to Halloween.

After going a full month without a crime that the school deemed worthy of issuing one of its infamous "crime alerts," there have been six crimes to achieve the dubious honor throughout during a one-week period.

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Police say that a fire on Comstock Street in the Second Ward may have been intentionally set on the night of October 28.

The incident occurred at 50 Comstock Street, located between Jones and Commercial Avenues, at approximately 9:10pm.

The home in question is owned by Hedy Tehrani, a Monroe resident who purchased it in 1996 for $99, according to property records.  The home is assessed at $52,200 and the land it is on at $22,500, according to tax records.

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