NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On August, 6, the Hub City Theatre Festival began with many people smiling and dancing, until one of the teenage musicians fell off a stage in downtown.

This free event was part of the Hub City Sounds summer concert series, which kicked off in July.

The first-annual theatre festival featured the jazz band from the New Brunswick Middle School and High School, acoustic singers, fire breathers, actors, and lots of food. 

Lizbeth Lucas Paz, a 13-year old resident of New Brunswick, was on stage when she fell from the stage onto Livingston Avenue.

Paz, who plays the flute for the McKinley Community School Jazz Band, was on stage when she had signalled to her mother that she wanted water because the show was longer than what she expected.

Her mother Susana Paz had gone to a nearby vendor to purchase water, and as soon as she turned around she saw her daughter lying on the ground with people surrounding her.

Lizbeth was then transported to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, where she was visited by school administrators, according to the family.

The teen sustained injuries during the fall, but is expected to recover.  Susana Paz believes that the reason Lizbeth fainted was the heat.

Lizbeth told New Brunswick Today that she hopes that in the future the band director will give musicians water during the concert to prevent incidents like this one.  She plans to continue being part of the jazz band.     

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