NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two civilian vehicles were left with minor damage after crashes involving city police cars on June 25, according to police reports posted to the city website.

At about 1:55am, a marked New Brunswick Police (NBPD) car driven by officer Richard Reed III struck a parked vehicle while responding to a "street fight" at the intersection of French Street and Harvey Street.

According to the crash investigation report, officer Andrew Puccio was a passenger in the police car while Reed was driving northbound on French Street and the two came upon the fight.

"[Reed] placed the placed the vehicle in reverse in order to take police action when it struck [the parked vehicle], which was situated directly behind it," reads the crash report, which specified that there were no reported injuries.

"There was no damage to [the police vehicle], and damage to [the parked car] was very minor."

In yet another accident that highlights the challenges that both police and civilians have while navigating the narrow streets of New Brunswick, another police vehicle was involved in a crash about sixteen hours later.

In that incident, which took place at about 6:11pm, another New Brunswick police car "rubbed the driver side mirror of" a vehicle parked on Sandford Street as Officer John Yurkovic "was observing… suspicious activity" near the intersection with Railroad Avenue.

"The driver of the police vehicle… was observing suspicious activity at Sanford and Railroad for which they took investigative action,” reads the report.

In the passenger seat was Officer Justin Miller, according to the report, which stated that both vehicles suffered "very minor" damage.

“The owner of the parked vehicle did not provide insurance information as she did not wish to report the incident,” read the report.

As for the circumstances that led to the crashes, NBPD Captain JT Miller declined to comment when asked if any arrests were made in connection with the two incidents, as well as if there were any injuries from the streetfight at French and Harvey, and what type of suspicious activity was observed at Sandford and Railroad.

"I do not comment regarding the details of a police presence and more specifically the details of evidence collection surrounding a possible investigation," Miller responded.

"I am not here to be your personal researcher or fact finder for your 'fishing expeditions.'"

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