NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On April 15 and April 16, the New Brunswick Free Public Library (NBFPL) will be hosting their annual book sale at their location at 60 Livingston Avenue.

The Library’s book sale is an annual event that takes place each April, and is organized by The Friends of the New Brunswick Public Library, an organization whose mission is to “encourage library awareness, promote use of the library, and encourage reading and life-long learning.”

The “friends” publicize library activities, enrich the presentations of the library, donate equipment, and raise funds, according to the NBFPL website.

The library encourages members of the community to attend and shop through the large collection of items that are available for purchase.

Community members will find at the book sale a wide array of items such as books, CDs, and DVDs at extremely low prices.

Popular items at the book sale include children and young adult books, mysteries, Spanish language books, cookbooks, wellness and fitness guides

On April 15, the first day of the book sale, the festivities begin at 1pm, and last until 7pm.

Despite the library’s usual 5pm closure, the Carl T. Valenti’s Community Room will remain open to allow visitors access to the sale.

The Friends of the New Brunswick Free Public Library Book Sale will also be open to the public on Saturday, April 16, from 10am-4pm.

“It is an extreme joy to see the young children of New Brunswick so enthusiastic about purchasing books” said Monica L. Tarver, President of Molyta Consulting Inc., and a member of the “friends” organization.

“We believe the New Brunswick Free Public Library is a staple of our community. We welcome new members to help execute the important work of the Friends in supporting the New Brunswick Free Public Library and its ongoing mission to serve the New Brunswick community” said Tarver.

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