NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–An international trading corporation said on April 18 it had initiated a recall of "Nice! Peach Slices" and "Nice! Mixed Fruit," packed in 8-ounce glass jars, due to potential glass in the product. 

“The affected products were distributed to Walgreens stores nationwide,” said Milky Way International Corp. in a Food and Drug Administraion news release.

Although the candy and food maker notes that the recall is precautionary, it states: “Consumers could potentially be cut or injured if ingested.”

All jars of the fruit products have been removed from store shelves at Walgreens in Hub City and the chain's more than 8,100 other stores, nationwide.

It only took one complaint about the peaches to trigger the recall, at least so far unless the company receives others. Milky Way also says that it hasn’t received any complaints about the mixed fruit.

But only specific production codes have been recalled, and the lot codes can be found on the neck of the glass jars.

  • Nice! Peach Slices in Light Syrup 8 oz
  • Nice! Mixed Fruit in Light Syrup 8 oz

According to Milky Way, the Fruit is labeled with December 2017 expiration dates.

Walgreen ranked fifth on the list of "2015 Top 100 Retailers," just after The Home Depot, which was number 4. The list is compiled by Kantar Retail, a Consultancy, and published by the National Retail Federation. 

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