MIDDLESEX, NJ–Inspired by the Jersey Devil, the legendary monster that haunts the Pine Barrens, Demented Brewery in Middlesex is bringing a unique craft beer drinking experience to Central Jersey.

“I remember hearing stories about the Jersey Devil when I was growing up, and [the name] Demented just popped into my head,” said owner Tom Zuber.

Demented Brewery took this theme to heart by asking local artist, Drake Barry, to paint a stunning mural across the entire tasting room wall that featured the Jersey Devil brewing beer, monsters and spirits pillaging a village, and the frenzy of the underworld.

This attention to detail, and the commitment to the brewery, shines through in every aspect of Demented Brewery’s work. Before a customer is taken to the tasting room, he or she is required to take a tour of the brewery itself where the beer brewing process can be seen.

The facility holds a “10 BBL brewing system with 2 10 BBL fermenters, a 30 BBL fermenter, and a 15 BBL bright beer tank,” says the website. During the tour, customers can see how the beer is made and can follow the craft beer-making process from the beginning when “grain is milled and augured into the mash ton” to the end when “the beer is conditioned and carbonated in a brite tank prior to being kegged for distribution or the tasting room.”

In addition to being able to view the beer crafting process, visitors can also see the aging barrels of beer, the kegs, and other equipment. The brewery is kept extremely clean because, as one of the brewers said, “brewing beer is roughly 90% cleaning.”

Most of the beers made by Demented Brewery are seasonally brewed with local ingredients. Classic beers such as the Scarlet Night, an American Red Ale that’s described as a “liquid tribute to all that we love about Middlesex, the Hub City, and being local” can be found in the tasting room. The Scarlet Night is a “blend of five different malts that gives this brew intense red color and complexity, a medium body with light caramel sweetness and a feint roast finish.”

“The Scarlet Night is a beer that Rutgers fans typically embrace,” said Zuber. 

Currently, Demented Brewery fans can find the craft beers they desire at New Brunswick establishments such as Stuff Yer Face, The Dillinger Room, Old Man Rafferty’s, World Of Beer, and other locations.

Fans can also order growlers, a glass jug which holds 64 ounces of beer, to take home with them. The brewery is working towards having single bottles and six packs available for purchase this summer.

In addition to the Scarlet Night beer, Demented Brewery is just finishing a series of handcrafted beers called The Seven Deadly Stouts. Inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins, the brewery created a stout beer for each sin such as Demented Sloth or Demented Pride. They also unveil a new pilot batch every Sunday.

“Literally every week we have a release,” said Zuber. “I can’t tell you how many people come in on a Sunday now to try the new release… people want to come in and try the new stuff.”

One of the best ways to experience all of the beers Demented Brewery has to offer is to join their 2016 Mug Club. For only $25.00, customers get a commemorative glass mug and $2 off all 160z pours of beers throughout the year.

Demented Brewery also offers a Barrel Legion membership program for the dedicated fans. For only $100 dollars, customers can be one of the first people to experience the six new barrel releases. Legion members will get a bottle of each new release, two commemorative Belgian glasses, and the opportunity to take home additional beer from the barrel. Each one of these six barrel releases showcases a new handcrafted beer that has been made with artistry and precision.

Ashlie M, a frequent Demented Brewery visitor, says the Scarlet Night beer is her favorite, and recommends people to “definitely check [the brewery] out if you want an awesome craft beer and a little something different!”

Demented Brewery plans on expanding to the New York City and Philadelphia markets, and wants to become even more of a staple in the Central Jersey Community.

Visit Demented Brewery at 600 Lincoln Blvd. in Middlesex, NJ between 5:00 PM-10:00 PM on Monday-Friday or Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM- 10:00 PM.

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