NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Darwin Chavez Angel has won New Brunswick Today’s second annual snowman contest with 223 votes.

There was plenty of snow to work with, as New Brunswick seeing a record-breaking 28 inches of accumulation on January 23.  This year saw 38 entries in the contest, which was run through NBToday’s Facebook page.

The sculptures, which ranged a barbecuing couple, to an “Olaf,” and a snowman doing a headstand, were ranked based on the number of likes they received.

However, Angel’s intricate, spray-painted Snoopy on a doghouse took the cake. He will win a New Brunswick Today t-shirt.

Angel is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and has lived in Somerset for the past five years. He works in construction, specifically insulation installation.

“In fact, every year when snow comes up I try to build a snowman just for fun. But this is the third time I’ve made one,” Angel said.

Building the Snoopy sculpture took about five hours. Angel says he chose to depict the dog because his niece is a Snoopy fan.

You can check out last year’s contest winners on our Facebook page.

Angel did not even know he had been entered into New Brunswick Today’s contest until his cousin, who submitted the photo, tagged him in a comment.

“I just want to say that I made this just for fun, because I like the snow very much,” Angel said. “I always have the opportunity to be in the snow and I like to enjoy it.”