2016 Unofficial New Brunswick Police and Fire Log

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) does not provide significant information about police actions to the public, but Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) does offer a daily police and fire log.

The following blotter is based on RUPD's log, as well as press releases, public comments, and crime alerts from RUPD, NBPD, and other law enforcement agencies.

Because no other media outlet or law enforcement agency compiles a common sense log of serious incidents, New Brunswick Today works to provide this online and in print.

Here is the log for the month of January:

Friday, January 1

  • 2:00AM-2:15AM: Union Street, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 3:06AM: Henderson Apartments, Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)
  • 3:53AM: Easton Avenue, Arrest For Driving While Intoxicated (RUPD)
  • 8:02PM: North Brunswick and New Brunswick, "North Brunswick police executed a motor vehicle stop at Livingston Avenue and Nassau Street, on the border with New Brunswick.  City police were surprised to see several North Brunswick police cruisers engaged in a car chase in the Hub City on the evening of January 1.  According to North Brunswick Police Captain Brian Hoiberg, 36-year-old Edwin Williams of New Brunswick had been pulled over but took off while officers were speaking with him.  Williams' didn't make it far, before allegedly crashing into an unmarked New Brunswick police vehicle on Joyce Kilmer Avenue, and then backing into a North Brunswick police vehicle.  Williams was taken to jail and bail was set at $75,000, according to Hoiberg. He was charged with assault, possession of marijuana, eluding, and resisting arrest." (New Brunswick Today)
  • 11:21PM: 232 French Street, "The vehicle (2002 BMW) struck a guard rail and a utility pole. The driver was identified as Eric Griffin (29 year old male from New Brunswick) He fled to leave the scene of the accident on foot and was located on Jersey Avenue where he was placed under arrest and charged with driving while suspended, failure to report an accident, leaving the scene of an accident and careless driving. The 2002 BMW was found to be stolen, and criminal charges are pending further investigation." (NBPD)

Sunday, January 3

  • 1:39AM: 120 Jersey Avenue, "A New Brunswick police vehicle was struck by a Honda CRV traveling near 120 Jersey Avenue. The driver of the Honda was identified as Miguelina Fragoso-Gonzalez (51 year old female from New Brunswick) and was charged with DWI as a result of the crash. Both the police vehicle and the Honda sustained significant damage. The officers occupying the involved police vehicle sustained minor injuries which were treated at RWJUH and they were released. The occupants of the Honda reported no injuries." (NBPD)
  • 3:55PM: Hamilton St. & College Ave.: Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)

Monday, January 4

  • 9:10AM: Rutgers RU-info, Computer Criminal Activity (RUPD)
  • 2:30PM: 169 College Avenue, Criminal Mischief W/Damage, Open/Pending (RUPD)

Tuesday, January 5

  • 6:05AM: Lawrence Street, "German Nieto was taken into custody by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents after they broke into his home pointing guns at his family on the morning of January 5. According to Nieto's family, who has lived on Lawrence Street for more than a decade, the authorities were looking for someone else when they arrived, but ultimately decided to take Nieto to jail after the botched 6am raid. In the course of the raid, agents allegedly stepped on the head of a young man and a 14-year-old child, who happens to be a US citizen, and handcuffed a 62-year-old man. The raid comes amid rumors and policy discussion surrounding massive immigration raids throughout the country, two days before ICE publicly denied they were forcing their way into homes in New Jersey. Nieto, a 21-year-old graduate of New Brunswick High School is currently being held in Essex County Jail, and has a lawyer prepared to represent him in federal immigration court. He has not been charged with any crimes, did not have an "order of removal," and was recently granted "deferred action," a step towards legal residency under President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Nieto arrived in New Brunswick as a three-year-old, when his family immigrated from Mexico."

Wednesday, January 6

  • 2:31AM: Somerset Street and Louis Street, Arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (RUPD)
  • 6:37PM: Henderson Apartments, Domestic Violence (Making Communications in Annoying/Alarming Manner) (RUPD)
  • 11:13PM: Zimmerli Art Library, Defiant trespasser arrested, (RUPD) 

Thursday, January 7

  • 3:00PM-3:36PM: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Harassment, Open/Pending (RUPD)

Friday, January 8

  • 8:00AM: 114 Redmond Street "An apartment fire broke out near the intersection with Throop Avenue. The home, that has an upstairs and downstairs apartment, is directly across the street from Lord Stirling Elementary school. School staff and a crossing guard directed children and parents to the side of the school opposite the home. The fire started at the rear of the first floor, which was vacant at the time. The second floor tenants self-evacuated and there were no reported injuries. . There was fire, smoke, and water damage to half of the first floor dwelling, while the second floor sustained smoke damage, according to city spokesperson Jennifer Bradshaw. Tenants were visibly upset and were consoled by members of the New Brunswick Fire Department personnel as they continued investigating the scene.  Six people have been displaced and have found alternate living arrangements, according to Bradshaw. The cause of the fire has been ruled as accidental, but there is no word yet on what caused the incident. There is an investigation pending." (New Brunswick Today)

Saturday, January 9

  • 3:10PM-3:20PM: Cook/Douglass Recreation Center, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 6:00PM, 666 Somerset Street, "City police patrolling the Fourth Ward of the city heard three or four gunshots emanating from the parking lot of a fast food restaurant at about 6pm on Janury 9, according to police radio transmissions. Eventually investigators determined that gunfire took place near the McDonald's on Route 27, near the CoachUSA bus station and the Schwartz Homes public housing complex. 'The building got hit multiple times here,' said one offficer over the police radio. 'There's shattered windows here. The rounds actually went through McDonald's here.' Another officer radioed to say that the incident involved four men who fled on foot after the shots rang out. Before city police had figured out the exact location of the shooting, they appear to have chased someone in the same area, according to the transmissions." (New Brunswick Today)

Sunday, January 10

  • 10:37PM: Somerset St. & Louis St., Arrest for Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana/Hash, and Tampering With Evidence (RUPD)

Monday, January 11

  • 6:40PM: Hort Farm No. 2 Equine Research Facility, Criminal Trespass, Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)

Wednesday, January 13

  • 12:00AM: George Street & Commercial Ave., Arrest for Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana/Hash (RUPD)
  • 1:35AM: Sears Parking Lot, Arrest for Possession Marijuana/Hash Under (RUPD)
  • 11:42AM: George Street & Morris St., Arrest for Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana/Hash (RUPD)
  • 3:00PM-5:00PM: Cook Douglass Recreation Center, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 7:00PM: Mason Gross School of the Arts, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)

Thursday, January 14

  • 6:16AM: Neilson Street & Commercial Ave., Arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (RUPD)
  • 7:45AM-4:40PM: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 2:45PM-4:15PM: Cook Recreation Center, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 4:06PM: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Arrest for Conceal Merchandise Fromstore W/O Intent To Pay (RUPD)

Friday, January 15

  • 10:05AM: George Street, Arrest for Simple Assault, Domestic violence (RUPD)
  • 10:05AM: George Street, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable) (RUPD)
  • 1:25PM: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)

Saturday, January 16

  • 12:00AM: 622 George Streeet, Arrest for Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana/Hash (RUPD)

Sunday, January 17

  • 5:40AM, New Brunswick Train Station, "NJTransit Police are investigating how a 36-year-old man fell almost three stories down an elevator shaft at the city's downtown train station at about 5:40am on January 18. The man, who came from New York City, suffered injuries to his back and was taken to nearby Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) for treatment after he was rescued by the New Brunswick Fire Department (NBFD). 'NJTransit police are still investigating. They're not really sure what happened, but somehow he ended up in the elevator shaft,' said Lisa Corbin, a spokesperson for NJTransit. A report by the Associated Press indicated that 'authorities' had said the man was 'leaning against the elevator door and it opened.'" (New Brunswick Today)
  • 6:46AM: 300 Hamilton Street, "A kitchen fire occurred at 300 Hamilton Street on Sunday. The call came in at 6:46 a.m., the fire department arrived on scene shortly after to find heavy black smoke coming from the front door of the residence. A single occupant had self-evacuated. The occupant was treated for smoke inhalation and transported to Saint Peter's University Hospital. The first floor sustained mostly smoke damage. The department was able to clear the scene by 8:18 a.m. I am still checking on whether the residents of this fire were displaced." (City Hall)
  • 2:08PM: Easton Avenue, Simple Assault, Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 5:41PM: 6 Llewellyn Place, "The two-alarm fire broke through the roof and caused heavy damage to the unoccupied house. No surrounding homes were damaged, nor were nearby residents displaced. One NBFD firefighter was treated on scene for smoke exposure, but did not require hospitalization. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. It was under control by 7:44 p.m., the department remained on scene until nearly 10:30 p.m. We received mutual aid from Edison, East Brunswick Independent District 2, North Brunswick and East Franklin." (City Hall)
  • 11:04PM: Mettler Hall, Criminal Mischief Causing Pecuniary Loss <$2000.00, Open/Pending (RUPD)

Monday, January 18

  • 12:51AM: Henderson Apartments, Arrest for Simple Assault, Domestic Violence (RUPD)
  • 3:35AM-4:00AM: George Street & Bishop, Arrest for Assault on Police, Resisting Arrest-Risk Of Injury To Public Servant, Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana/Hash
  • 3:49PM: Biel Road West, Harassment, Domestic Violence, Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 8:50PM: Easton Avenue & Richardson St, Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)

Tuesday, January 19

  • 1:00AM, Easton Avenue, Att Cause Purr/Knowly Bodilyinjury To Another, Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 3:19AM, Easton Avenue & Prosper St, Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)
  • 1:45PM-2:40PM, Wyckoff St, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)

Wednesday, January 20

  • 12:00AM-11:59PM, Suydam Street, Fraud Use Credit Card, Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 3:16AM: Sicard Street, Arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (RUPD)
  • 3:18PM: George Street, Forgery, Open/Pending (RUPD)

Thursday, January 21

  • 9:35AM-2:45PM: Scott Hall, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)

Friday, January 22

  • 1:40AM: College Avenue, Arrest for Obstructing Admin Of Law/Governmental Function, Resisting Arrest – Disorderly (RUPD)
  • 2:39AM: Lippincott Residence Hall, Arrest for Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana/Hash (RUPD)
  • 8:43AM: 30 Easton Avenue, Criminal Simulation, Closed (RUPD)
  • 9:45AM-10:45AM: Seminary Place, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 2:25PM: Records Hall, Intent,Deceiving By Knowingly Bearing Counterfeit Mark, Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 9:44PM: College Farm Road & Poultry Farm, Arrest for Poss Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana/Hash (RUPD)
  • 10:40PM: Frelinghuysen Hall, Criminal Mischief Causing Pecuniary Loss <$2000.00, Open/Pending (RUPD)

Saturday, January 23

  • 2:10AM: Hamilton Street, Simple Assault, Open/Pending (RUPD)

Monday, January 25

  • 12:41PM-3:45PM: Clothier Hall, Theft by Deception, Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 5:00PM: Rutgers University Bus, Criminal Sexual Contact, "The Rutgers Police Department is investigating a criminal sexual contact which is reported to have occurred on January 25, 2016, at approximately 5:00 PM on a Rutgers University bus. In this incident the victim, who is affiliated, reported being touched on the thigh and buttocks while standing on a crowded University bus which was on George Street traveling between campuses. The perpetrator exited the bus when it reached the area of George Street and Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick and then proceeded in an unknown direction. The victim was not physically injured as a result of this incident. The perpetrator is described as a white male, approximately 20 years old, 5’4” tall, wearing a black hat, glasses, brown jacket with white fleece lined hood, jeans, and carrying an umbrella." (Rutgers Crime Alert)

Tuesday, January 26

  • 3:15AM: Dudley Road & College Farm Rd., Arrest for Driving While Intoxicated (RUPD) 
  • 6:15AM: Tinsley Hall, Arrest for Defiant Trespasser, Warrant (RUPD)
  • 8:19PM: Easton Avenue, Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)

Wednesday, January 27

  • 12:00AM-8:30AM: Demarest Hall, Criminal Mischief W/Damage (RUPD)
  • 11:18AM: Commercial Avenue, Arrest on Warrant (RUPD)
  • 6:17PM: College Avenue Gym, Domestic Violence, Making Communications in Annoying/Alarming Manner, Open/Pending (RUPD)
  • 6:30PM: Bioresource Engineering Office Building Trailer, "The Rutgers Police Department is investigating a robbery which was reported to have occurred on January 27, 2016, at approximately 6:15 PM near the intersection of College Farm Road and Ag Extension Way.  In this incident the victim, who is affiliated, reported being approached by four male juveniles who demanded his cell phone and then struck him and forced him to the ground. They then took his cell phone and fled in an unknown direction. No weapons were reported to have been observed or used during the commission of the robbery.  One juvenile suspect was located and taken into custody by RUPD officers shortly after the incident was reported. The victim sustained minor injuries and declined medical assistance. Descriptions of the perpetrators are limited at this time." (Rutgers Crime Alert)
  • 8:45PM: Ray Street, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition (Movable), Open/Pending (RUPD)

Friday, January 29

  • 8:00AM: "Police and City Hall have confirmed rumors of a dead body found in a "wooded area off of Jersey Avenue near Comstock Street," after a video appeared on Facebook showing firefighters and police in the area. New Brunswick Today started asking questions after seeing the video on January 29, the same day police were asked to respond to the scene. According to New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) Captain JT Miller, police responded 'to investigate the report of a deceased individual.' 'Upon the officer’s arrival they discovered the deceased body of an adult male. The preliminary investigation suggests suicide,' said Miller. The area in question is near a commercial development that includes the city's 24-hour Walgreens pharmacy and several other retail and restaurant establishments." (New Brunswick Today)

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

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