NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Saint Peter’s University Hospital on Easton Avenue released a new feature on its website on September 4.

The hospital’s new feature offers a wide variety of health-related lifestyle information for residents in the local area and beyond.

Known as the “Better Health Library,” the resource can be found online at the hospital’s website.

The new feature offers information and tips for the household, the daily routine, and for snacks throughout the day. The advice on the better health library is easily understood, even if you don’t have a PhD in biology.

Not only does it offer tips, it also offers information on seasonal disorders and other relevant illnesses.  With Autumn upon us, the website features its articles on sadness in the colder months and updates on the flu.

It also offers information on 12,000 other illnesses and conditions.

Another helpful feature of the better health library is the pill index.   If for any reason someone needed to identify a pill, they can search the shape, color or letters and numbers on the pill to identify it.

If you are worried about an upcoming procedure for you or a loved one, or just wish to be more informed on what is going to be done, the better health library offers information on over 2,000 procedures and tests that are done at the hospital.

The better health library is an improvement and helpful feature to the existing Saint Peter’s website which also has helpful features but has been around for a little longer.

The website has six main tabs for users to click on. Each, excepting the ‘Find a Physician’ tab, have several more options once you move your cursor over them.

  • Our Services – lists the Hospital’s ‘Featured Specialties and Services’, ‘Outpatient Care’, and also various free support groups as well.
  • Centers and Facilities – information on all of the fields that the hospital specializes in. For example, a pregnant woman could learn more about the Maternal Fetal Medicine center or a man with poor heart health could learn more about the cardiology center.
  • Find a Physician – allows the user to search any Doctor in the hospital by name, gender, and specialty
  • Patients and Visitors – information on being admitted, discharged and and procedures they might have during their stay.  For example, visiting hours, how to send a card to someone in the hospital, and food available at the hospital.
  • Support Saint Peters – information on donating to, or volunteering for the hospital
  • Career Opportunities – information and applications for most of the positions available in the hospital

The website offers not only facts about the hospital but also resources for people coping with medical issues.

For example there is an article offering advice for families with children diagnosed with Autism. There are also resources for people getting over a nicotine addiction.