NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A man was injured in a drive-by shooting on the morning of November 23 near the intersection of Seaman Street and Lee Avenue in the city's Second Ward, according to's Alex Napoliello.

Police radio transmissions confirm the incident was first reported to authorities at approximately10:54 am, shortly after a man was gunned down by someone seen sitting in the back seat of a moving vehicle with three occupants.

"I got a report that it was a drive-by, unknown of what type of car," said a dispatcher, alerting officers to the report.

Police and two ambulances were already in the neighborhood for a "man down" two blocks away at Suydam Street and Railroad Avenue.  Both locations have been crime hotspots in recent years.

NBPD officers eventually determined the description of the suspect vehicle and its direction of flight, saying the shooter was seated in the rear passenger seat of a four-door Honda Accord that fled in the direction of Livingston Avenue.

At first an officer said the car was silver, then seconds later he said it was black.

According to the radio transmissions, it does not appear police apprehended any suspects.  As of 4pm, NBPD did not issue a press release about the incident, only confirming it to Napoliello via email.

"Shooter was wearing a grey-hooded sweatshirt and he's got no hubcaps on the passenger side of the vehicle."

The shooting occurred near the same location where, in June 2014, a 53-year-old man was murdered by a man who struck him with a glass bottle and then injured two others with the broken bottle.

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