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Software Problems Delay NBPA Pilot Program for License Plate Readers

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A pilot program using License Plate Reader (LPR) technology to enforce on-street permit parking in New Brunswick, the first of its kind in New Jersey, was delayed by about a month due to a software "glitch."

Mitch Karon, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Parking Authority (NBPA), said at the board meeting on August 26 that a "small glitch in the computer system" was responsible for the delay.

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Rutgers Men’s Soccer Closing in on Big Ten Title

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—With just one conference game remaining on their schedule, Rutgers’ men’s soccer sits atop the Big Ten standings.

The Scarlet Knights moved into first place on Sunday after taking down Ohio State, who had been ranked 18th in the nation in the NSCAA Coaches’ Poll.

Sunday’s contest was Senior Day for the Scarlet Knights, who honored their graduating seniors with a big win.

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Walgreens to Buy Rite Aid for $9.4 Billion in All-Cash Deal

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two of the three largest drugstore chains in the country will soon join forces, if a $9.4 billion deal for Walgreens to buy Rite Aid is approved.

The Rite Aid store, located at 366 George Street, is just one of more than 4,600 locations in the nation's third largest U.S. drugstore chain.

If the deals moves forward, it will become part of the Walgreens chain, which has a location at 20 Jersey Avenue in New Brunswick. Walgreens is  the number one U.S. drugstore chain with 8,200 stores.

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Desta Ethiopian: A Slice of Addis Ababa on Albany Street

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Before I get into how fantastic Desta Ethiopian Restaurant is, and it is fantastic, I want to preface by stating that I have never been able to ‘get into’ Ethiopian cuisine – it just wasn’t my thing.

I have dined at a number of Ethiopian establishments, over a number of years, and nothing I have ever tried before has come close to the remarkable dishes I was served on a Friday night at Desta. 

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