NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Eminent linguist, academic, and American activist Dr. Noam Chomsky will be hosting a discussion on American exceptionalism on Friday, October 2 at 8PM in the Douglass Student Center at 100 George Street.

Tickets are free for all, but must be reserved in advance on the University’s Center for Cognitive Science website.

As of September 30, tickets for the Trayes Hall discussion have been sold out; however, interested guests can still apply for a free ticket for the overflow location at Voorhees Chapel.

The Chapel will host a simulcast of the event for any further guests who reserve a ticket, and Dr. Chomsky’s talk will also be broadcasted live on the Rutgers University Student Centers Live Stream.

Entitled “American Exceptionalism: Some Current Case Studies,” Dr. Chomsky’s lecture will feature an overview of some of his previous writings on American foreign policy – including “Profit Over People,” “Hegemony or Survival,” and his most recently released book, “Because We Say So.”

Dr. Chomsky, a noted champion of libertarian socialism, has repeatedly criticized American foreign policy in the developing world – particularly due to the United States’s support for authoritarian and oppressive regimes during the Cold War and post-Cold War era.

The Rutgers University chapter of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund previously hosted a video message from Dr. Chomsky in February 2013, discussing necessary steps to change American foreign policy and provide humanitarian aid in the Middle East.

The October 2 event will be sponsored by the Rutgers Undergraduate Academic Affairs department, alongside the Busch, College Avenue, Cook, Douglass, and Livingston Campus Deans; the Philosophy Department; the Cognitive Science Club; and the Undergraduate Linguistics Club.

Originally, Dr. Chomsky’s discussion was planned for the Voorhees Chapel; however, the event was later moved to Trayes Hall inside the Douglass Student Center.

For more information about Dr. Noam Chomsky, visit his official site.