NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Located on Bayard Street, the Octopus Music School has been providing music education for special needs children since November 2010.

Fresh out of Rutgers University, owner Joseph Fekete has created the only special needs program of music in the New Brunswick area.

“I believe we are the only music school in the area and county,” said Fekete. “Our special needs services provide to disabilities such as Autism and Down’s syndrome.”

The purpose of the school’s special needs program is to have special needs children learn an instrument rather than have music therapy.

“We do not provide these students with musical therapy, but rather we teach them a very important and live enriching skill, to play a musical instrument,” said Ariella Gizzi, who is the Special Needs Coordinator at Octopus Music School.

Aside from the special needs program, this school provides music education to everyone of all ages and skill levels.

“Many of our students are young children, many are adults, many are school aged, and some have special needs,” said Fekete.

Programs offered are piano, voice, violin, theory classes, ensembles, funk trios, and drums. The school also provides programs specifically for adults.

Many instructors at Octopus Music School have degrees from Rutgers University ranging from Bachelor of Arts degrees from Mason Gross School of the Arts to Master’s Degrees in Special Education.

Instructors have their students show off what they have learned in their yearly showcase that happens once or twice a year.

Kids in an older age group put on a special show once a year in a well-known restaurant in Downtown New Brunswick.

“Older kids and adults put on a great show once a year in the basement at Tumulty’s Pub,” said Fekete.

Students come all over from New Jersey to attend the Octopus Music School.

“We have students come from here in New Brunswick, Highland Park, Edison, Piscataway, Princeton, Denville, Woodbridge, North Brunswick, Somerset and many other towns,” continued Fekete.

These guys don’t just stop at music lessons, instrument repair services are also available if needed.  Prices depend on the kind of repair needed.