NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) is investigating an “aggravated assault” incident on Saturday, July 18 near a fraternity that lost recognition from its national chapter and Rutgers University.

Police first learned of the incident after a “stabbing” victim had already checked in to nearby Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.  The crime occured at approximately 1:45 a.m, according to a Rutgers crime alert.

According to police, it is debatable whether the incident was a stabbing, saying officers were unable to obtain many details about the crime due to the victim being “highly intoxicated and uncooperative with the investigating officers.”

“The victim… received a small cut on his side,” said NBPD Captain JT Miller.

“I guess it depends on your definition of ‘stabbing’ how you would classify this non-life threatening injury,” Miller said.  “The victim would not cooperate with detectives in attempts to identify the suspect(s) or provide descriptions.”

Before it was de-recognized, the Rutgers chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon leased the home at 18 College Avenue residence from Zeta Psi, another fraternity that lost its official status in recent years.

The house sits on prime real estate, in the shadow of the city’s tallest building, and surrounded by Rutgers University’s historic campus in the Sixth Ward.

According to the crime alert, the victim is not affiliated with the school and sufferred his injury after “he and his friends engaged in a physical altercation with a group of other individuals who were also in the area.”

The authorities said that the descriptions of the suspects are “limited at this time.”

The NBPD is actively investigating these incidents and asks that anyone with information to contact the NBPD Detective Bureau at 732-745-5217.

Reporter at New Brunswick Today