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City Council President Agrees to Support Paid Sick Leave Legislation

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—New Brunswick's City Council is slowly coming around to support the concept of paid sick leave for private-sector workers, but the city's longtime Mayor is "still researching" it, according to his spokesperson.

A June 15 meeting between advocates campaigning for the adoption of the policy, two Council members, and Mayor James Cahill lasted two hours according to participants, who said all three agreed to support the reform.

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In Epic Upset, Community Opposition Defeats Controversial Plan For Mine Street

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In an unprecedented defeat for a controversial developer and their attorney, the New Brunswick Planning Board narrowly voted down a proposal to build a 52-unit apartment building on Mine Street on March 10.

The board deadlocked, denying Construction Management Associates' (CMA) variance application by a vote of 4-4, the first time in recent memory that a development did not garner unquestioned support from a city agency.

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Edison Parents Request More Transparency in Math Honors Selection Process

EDISON, NJ–At the Edison Board of Education (BOE) public action meeting held in Edison High School on June 15, several parents questioned board members on methods used to determine how elementary students enter Advanced Honors Math classes in 6th grade.

Parents complained that the advanced honors classes in middle school are capped at somewhere in the range of 28 students from each of the two feeder schools, and the number has not gone up in the past two to three years.

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