NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–A variety of expensive "capital improvement" projects are included in the city's annual budget this year, which will put the city in an additional $9.44 million in debt.

The capital budget is designed for significant one-time investments and projects, and although the issuing of bonds was approved at a previous City Council meeting, the hearing and a final vote on the entire budget is scheduled for May 6.

At the City Council meeting, which is scheduled for 6:30pm on the top floor of City Hall, any resident can make comments or ask questions about any part of the budget.

As we reported, the $80 million budget includes a 5% property tax hike despite an increase in ratables.

For the benefit of the public, below are the details of the city's proposed capital improvement plans for the city government and its Water Utility: 

Public Facilities Projects ($3,549,525)

  • roof replacement and installation of gates at the Library
  • demolition of Welton Street lots
  • improvements to Recreation Park
  • envelope improvements to Memorial Stadium and Remsen Avenue Museum
  • engineering and architectural servies in connection with the imrpvoement of Wolfson Park and Fire Headquarters

Streets and Sidwalk Projects ($1,333,300)

  • roadway improvements to Terminal Avenue,Commercial and Suydam intersection, Jules Lane, Neilson Street, and various roadways all as on file with the City Clerk
  • milling, construction, reconstruction, repairing and resurfacing of said roadways,
  • drainage improvements, inlet, manhole and water valve replacements to said roadways
  • as applicable, the restoration or construction of or improvements to curbs, sidewalks traffic line striping , driveway aprons, or barrier-free ramps along such roadways
  • the acquisition and installation of traffic signals, signage and bicycle corrals, as required through thout City
  • improvements to the Delaware & Raritan Canal Cofferdam

Safety, Office and Equipment Projects ($1,081,284)

  • acquisition of computers, equipment  and a data processing server at the Libarry
  • replacement of the 911 system
  • acquisition of police radios
  • acquisition of furniture for the Henry Guest House

Vehicle Replacement ($797,793)

  • a sanitation truck sweeper for the Public Works Deparmtnet
  • seven (7) utility, no-passenger police vehicles
  • a fire command vehicle
  • a housing inspection equipment vehicle

Water Utility ($968,000)

  • Aquisition and installtion of membrane modules, acquisiiotn of dump truck and acquisiton of equipment for chemical flow pacing
  • Acuisition and installation of cold water remote read meters, acquisition of storage facility, and upgrades to operations laboratory
  • Clearwell Reservoir venting, cooling system upgrades to membrane building, acquisiiton of portable air compressor, backhoe, and dump truck

Information about the Sewer Utility's capital budget was not immediately available.

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