A Celebration of Star Wars at Destination Dogs

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–The Force will soon be strong in the Hub City on Monday May 4.

That night, Destination Dogs is holding their second annual "May the 4th" party from 9:00 pm to 2 a.m.

Also known as Star Wars Day, the unofficial holiday gets its name from the catchphrase “May the Force be with you,” made famous in Star Wars, the classic science fiction franchise created by filmmaker George Lucas.

Each year, fans celebrate their passion for Star Wars in different ways, from social media discussions and internet memes to organizations and businesses hosting events.

Destination Dogs is known for their diverse styles of gourmet hot dogs and sausages, associated with both domestic and international cities, as well as homemade sodas.

The Hub City restaurant also offers an exciting atmosphere, attracting large crowds of people, whether it's because of live music or other themed events such as Tiki Party Night and a Chefs v. Bartenders competition. 

 "I want it to be Cinco de Mayo for Star Wars fans," said one of the restaurant's owners Jimmy Cronk, an avid Star Wars fan.  

Cronk said he wants to share what he loves with the Destination Dogs community: "It's definitely a party in New Brunswick, this is definitely ours.  On the Border has Cinco de Mayo… Tumulty's has St. Patrick's Day, this [Star Wars Day] is Destination Dogs." 

Among the highlights of the celebration is a costume contest, appealing to cosplayers or anyone who is feeling strong with the force.

During the celebration, Destination Dogs will be offering a variety of activities at the event including viewings of the films, live music from a jazz fusion Star Wars themed band, and two dancers dressed as "Slave Leia" and "Oola."

On top of the delectable cuisine and libations that one can normally enjoy at the downtown restaurant, Star Wars inspired food and drinks will also be available, including six different types of cocktails.

Destination Dogs is located on 101 Paterson Street in downtown New Brunswick. The event on Monday is sponsored by Allied Beverage Company and Jameson Whiskey.

The Star Wars franchise, which began in 1977 with the release of Episode IV: A New Hope, has built up a large and dedicated fan base, as well as an extremely successful marketing and merchandising campaign.

Aside from films, the expanded Star Wars universe appears in various forms of media and art, from literature and video games to toys and clothing, and has entrenched itself deeply as a subculture within many different cultures around the world.

The first large-scale celebration of Star Wars Day was done in Toronto, Canada in 2011.

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