NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On April 15, the New Jersey Transit Police Department (NJTPD) apprehended a suspect who was wanted in connection with a scheme to steal luggage from unsuspecting travelers at the New Brunswick train station on Albany Street.

The NJTPD identified one of the robbery suspects as Robert Carter Jr. of New Brunswick.  Jennifer M. Nelson, the Senior Public Information Officer for NJ Transit, said that their detective had already had a warrant out for Carter’s arrest.

The attempted robbery took place at the New Brunswick Train station located on Albany Street on March 14, but Carter wasn’t arrested until a month later after he was identified by witnesses and an accomplice who was arrested one day earlier.

“Mr. Carter was actually identified by a co-defendant who has been arrested a day earlier and had identified all the perpetrators who had committed the crime,” said Nelson. ” Our detectives had a warrant out for his arrest and were looking for him when they came across him in New Brunswick.”

Sources indicated that one person would distract the victims while Carter took their luggage, in the scheme.

Authorities still have not identified the other person arrested in the case.

“I don’t have the co-decedent’s name just that it was a woman,” Nelson told New Brunswick Today, referring questions to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office was unable to provide information on the case, and the co-defendant.

“The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office does not have any records on this individual,” said James O’Neill, MCPO spokesperson.

Mark Cranston, Warden at the Middlesex County Jail, said that Carter has been charged with robbery and that his bail has been set at $75,000 with no 10% option.

Reporter at New Brunswick Today