NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ —The New Brunswick Cultural Center and Iguana Music & Sound will be hosting the third annual Hub City Music Festival.

The festival will run from Thursday, April 9 through April 19, and includes live perfomances at venues throughout New Brunswick, Somerset, and Highland Park.

Local musicians, of diverse genres, including jazz, classical, and rock, will feature in the festival, in twelve separate events.

The suggested donations for each event varies between five and ten dollars, or, as much as one is able to give.

The festival’s proceeds will go to local nonprofit Elijah’s Promise, an organization dedicated to ending hunger.

The festival begins with a “DIY (do-it-yourself) Showcase,” Thursday night at the Crossroads Theatre Company Lobby.

Local favorites Professor Caveman headline the bill, alongside sojourner, Zero for Conduct, Sweet Brains, and Killer Waves.

“What’s cool about festival shows is that you get to showcase a wide variety of bands and more than one day to see them,” said Rob Romano, frontman of Professor Caveman

He went on to praise the festival’s inclusion of the usually underground punk, DIY scene.

“The festival has a great impact on young musicians. It shows that New Brunswick is willing to embrace its local musicians showcase punk bands. It’s quite nice to think about, a bunch of punks in a nice place like the Crossroads Theatre.”

The festival concludes, meanwhile, with an ambitious “forty-eight hour musical,” showcasing the diversity of the festival.

According to the event’s official Facebook page, the band Little Rose, the duo Red Giant, and others will collaborate with writers, directors, and actors to create and rehearse five musicals in two days.

George Maher, trumpeter of Little Rose, commented that the festival is a great outlet to see new performers, support local businesses, bands and artists.

Evangelia Psarakis, Little Rose’s vocalist, expressed that the festival is great for musicians, as it’s great for networking, and expanding our their fan-base.

Little Rose explained that they don’ yet know what the musical is about . It’s a three day process, the first day being the musical’s writing. They’ll meet the writer, the directors, and the actors; and on the third day will be the performance.

The project will begin on Thursday April 17, and will be performed for the public, on Sunday, April 19 at Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar.

In between the opening and closing events will be many diverse acts, sure to cater to the widest of musical tastes.

The New Brunswick Cultural Center is a not-for-profit set on fostering the arts in New Brunswick.

Iguana Music is an organization devoted to strengthening communities through hosting music events, with proceeds often going to nonprofits.

The two organizations have also partnered with the New Brunswick Jazz Project, an organization for the development of jazz in New Brunswick, and coLAB arts, a nonprofit set on creating an inclusive arts community in New Brunswick, for this year’s event.

The festival’s full schedule is below:

Thursday, April 9, at 7:00pm
Crossroads Theatre

7 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick
Professor Caveman, sojourner, Zero for Conduct, Sweet Brains, Killer Waves

Friday, April 10 at 8:00pm
The Court Tavern

124 Church St, New Brunswick
Black Wine (as the Pixies), Casual, Split-Take, Long Beard, Modern Hut/ Izzy True, Classical Revolution (Presented by coLAB Arts)

Saturday, April 11 at 9:00pm
World of Beer

335 George St, New Brunswick
The Band Called Fuse, John Robinson & PVD

Sunday, April 12 at 2:00pm
Crossroads Theatre lobby
7 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick
Greg Di Cesu, Adam Bernstein, Chris Harford, Arne Wendt

Monday, April 13 at 5:00pm-7:00pm
Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen

18 Neilson Street, New Brunswick
CTP Band

Tuesday, April 14, at 8:00pm
Tumulty’s Pub

361 George St, New Brunswick, NJ
Ralph Bowen Group (Presented by the New Brunswick Jazz Project)

Wednesday, April 16, at 8:00pm
Brother Jimmy’s

5 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ
Coach n Commando, Screamin’ Rebel Angels

Thursday, April 16 at 8:00pm
Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar

13 N 4th Ave, Highland Park, NJ
Little Rose, Cold Weather Company, Billy, Kind Strangers

Friday, April 17, at 8:00pm
The Old Bay Restaraunt

61 Church St, New Brunswick, NJ
The Big Wake

Saturday, April 18, at 8:00pm.
The Court Tavern

124 Church St, New Brunswick, NJ
Lowlight, The Roadside Graves, Wreaths, Animal Shapes, Love Gas

Sunday, April 19, at 12:30pm, and then again at 2:00pm.
Better World Market

1743 NJ-27, Somerset, NJ
Mr. Z

Sunday, April 19, at  at 6:00pm
Pino’s Gift Basket Shoppe and Wine Cellar

13 N 4th Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904
Red Giant, Little Rose