Mulch Factory Reportedly Stinking Up Northeast Corridor Trains

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–A mulch factory near a New Jersey Transit railyard has allegedly left numerous railroad passengers feeling, well, stinky.

On April 2, the foul odor of the mulch, crept into some of NJTransit's rolling stock, including trains that rumble through Edison and New Brunswick.

The Morrisville, Pennsylvania railyard is across the Delaware River from Trenton, and thus at the end of the line for NJ Transit trains.

To the east is a facility belonging to Britton Industries, a company that supplies mulch, crushed concrete, topsoil, rock salt, dumpsters, and other commercial landscaping supplies and services.

This is the yard that has been accused of stinking up the NJ Transit trains, according to's Larry Higgs.

A commuter, Jen Levins, was among the first to tell people about the stink, complaining about it to the consumer service folks. Levins reported "[thinking] it was rotten cheese under a seat or something" and "spen[ding her] trip with [her] nose in [her] coat".

NJTransit consumer service representative Fred Bauer investigated and answered her complaint, which was one of eleven complaints about the smell, according to

He discovered, or was told, that "[the mulch factory] is leaving an odor not only in the yard itself, but in every piece of equipment that leaves the facility."

Mulch factories turn busier in the spring, as growing season arrives and farmers, gardeners, and landscapers plant greenery.

NJTransit spokesperson William Smith said that the transit agency was "exploring its options."

As we reported, NJTransit recently obtained federal funds to build a new safe place to store trains in New Brunswick.