EDISON, NJ—The prospects for a new school for Edison Township students looks good, as the voting winds down in the vote to issue $18.6 million in bonds.

The funds will be used to rebuild the James Monroe Elementary School that burned down March 22, 2014.

As expected for today’s referendum has been light so far. Polls opened at noon and close at 9 pm.

As of 6:15 pm, the polling place at the Edison Rescue Squad on Lakeview Avenue had 97 voters cast ballots. Foot traffic was fairly steady, as one was in line to vote and 1 more voter was walking in. The polling location housed 3 districts.

Edison Now spoke to a husband and wife who said they found out about the election when they received the sample ballot in the mail. They smiled and said they voted ‘yes.’

At 6:30 pm, the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School on Woodbridge Avenue reported 86 total votes on their machine. The location also housed 3 districts. Adding to the foot traffic was the fact that parent-teacher conferences were occurring at the school as well. A band teacher dutifully policed the cordoned-off parking spots reserved for the voters.

At St. Stevens Church off Amboy Avenue, Edison Now spoke to another husband and wife team who voted ‘yes.’ They said they had 3 grown children who all attended the old James Monroe School.

The location housed 3 districts and reported 140 votes cast as of 6:45 pm. 3 voters were signing up and one voter was filling out a Provisional Ballot.

At 7:05 pm, the Herbert Hoover School on Jackson Avenue reported a heavy turn-out. One machine used by 3 districts reported 201 votes cast, and another machine for 2 districts had seen 177 voters so far.

Despite the rain, a steady stream of voters were coming in and out at the school.

Edison Now spoke to Peake Road resident Paul Sikora, “voted yes, absolutely.” Sikora has 3 kids in the district.

Sikora said he voted ‘yes’ because “it’s important for us to have a school rebuilt.” Sikora remarked how “kids need a playground to play in, a schoolyard. They don’t have that where they are now. They don’t have what we had growing up.”

Down the road at the Clara Barton First Aid Squad only 48 voters had cast ballots as on 7:15 pm. Two districts were voting there.

When Edison Now arrived at the Municipal Building at 8:25 pm, 61 voters had cast ballots.

Of all the voters Edison Now spoke to, no one said they voted no. Some voters did not want to comment, but the majority of voters were happy to say they voted yes.

As the polls close, it appears that Edison will be getting a new school.

Edison Now will have the final numbers from the Edison Township Clerk’s Office as the returns are certified.