Middlesex Water Warns of Imposters Posing as Company Reps and Robbing Homes

ISELIN, NJ—The Middlesex Water Company is warning customers about a recent string of reported burglaries involving individuals posing as water company employees.

The company is urging their customers to be "on the alert for individuals claiming to be water company representatives."

The company says they recently learned of incidents in its service area, which includes Edison, Metuchen, and Woodbridge.

“Recently, the company has learned of incidents in its service area, where imposters, often working with another person, will pose as water company representatives, and will attempt to gain entry to a customer’s home to check water quality or meter piping,” reads a post on the company's Facebook page.

"Often, while the customer is distracted while complying with a request to check their tap or fixture, they will later discover they have been burglarized," says an update on the company's website.

"Customers should be wary of any water utility representative trying to access their home," says the NJ.com report.

Always check with service people who come to your residence. Ask for identification and iquire about what company the visitor is working for. 

Contact the Middlesex Water Company’s customer service department at 732-634-1500 to verify the employee’s authenticity.

“If a customer suspects a person or persons to be posing as water utility representatives, they should get a detailed description of the parties and notify the police immediately, the company said,” says the update on the Utility Company's website.

The Middlesex Water Company has over a century of water utility expertise and was established in 1897. It provides a full range of regulated and non-regulated water, wastewater utility and related services in parts of New Jersey and Delaware.

The company also advised customers to "carefully check for company name and identification" and to contact Middlesex Water’s Customer Service Department at 800-549-3802 to "verify the authenticity of the employee" before allowing entrance.

Customers who suspect a person or persons are imposters are asked to "get a detailed description of the parties in question and to notify the police immediately," states the news update on the Middlesex Water website.

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