NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Tuesday, December 16, “Colonel Mastodon” will present a stand-up comedy show at George Street Ale House in the heart of New Brunswick’s art district.

The show starts at 9pm and tickets will be just $5.  The eclectic group of comics include Stefan Romanyszyn, Marlon Dunn, Jimmie Allinder, Seth-Michael Serrano, Haolun Xu, Patrick Goldsmith, Tommy Brennan and Daniel Wightman.

The Mastodon brand has two more shows scheuled this week, including their monthly Tumulty’s Pub show on Thursday December 18 at 9pm, and a free showcase this Sunday, December 21, at Hailey’s Harp & Pub in Metuchen.

Mastodon co-founder Dan Farley explained that, “The Colonel Mastodon shows have been great. Through social media, word of mouth, and support from the community we were able to grow this into a legitimate comedy brand. We are getting an amazing response from both fans and comedians, and we are bringing awesome comedy to this area constantly.”

Over the past year, showcases like the underground speakeasy “Tabernacle Comedy Night” and the “Colonel Mastodon” shows have steadily grown their fanbase. The Colonel Mastodon comedy show has gone from a monthly show at Tumulty’s pub to an intense all inclusive comedy brand. 

But those aren’t the only comedy showcases taking place on the regular.

The monthly “Big 10” comedy show, the brainchild of producer Leor Fay and stand-up comic Gordon Baker-Bone, is one of the best showcases around, and one that has influenced many other comedy shows throughout the Hub City.

The monthly show takes place at the famous Stress Factory Comedy Club, each month bringing a series of 10 comedians to downtown New Brunswick.

The December 9 line-up was absolutely stacked and one would be hard pressed to find a more diverse group of comics performing on the same stage in one night.

The producers of the showcase had a clear goal in mind to provide high quality comedy at an affordable ticket price.

The show has been gaining in popularity and the talent hitting the stage is getting better each month. Baker-Bone, the host for the evening, was highly exuberant about the comedic lineups.

“The Big 10 is one of the only comedy shows in New Jersey where you can see the best comics of New York City and New Jersey share a stage for under $10. We have comics that have performed at all levels, and some of these guys have been on MTV, NBC, TBS, and even Comedy Central,” Baker-Bone boasted. 

The Stress Factory will continue to host the “Big 10” showcase next year, with the next show scheduled for Tuesday, January 6.

Producers and promoters are already starting to book shows for January as well, and the former producer of the Colonel Mastodon showcase, Shawn Barron, has started an alternative comedy room at the George Street Co-op.

“The rumors are true, a new comedy tradition will be beginning on January 16, dedicated to presenting comedy that may be a little different than what you’re used to.”

The alt comedy show will be called “The Misfit Toys,” Barron said.

Editor’s Note: The author of this article will be the host of the December 16 show at the George Street Alehouse