NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On December 1, one of the most recognized and longest-serving police officers in the New Brunswick Police Department passed away at St. Peter’s University Hospital after an unforseen complication developed during surgery, at the age of 55.

Sergeant Ann Chapman-Scattergood worked for the police department and was a supervisor in the Patrol Division,  devoting her time and efforts to the people of New Brunswick for over 29 years.

“Sgt. Chapman-Scattergood was a very well-liked member of the City’s police department for 29 and a half years who worked her way up through the ranks to achieve a supervisory position,” said Mayor James Cahill.

“She proudly served the New Brunswick Police Department and will be missed,” said the Mayor, who was in power for most, but not all of her time in office.

As we reported earlier this year, Chapman-Scattergood was the only female in the entire city government to earn a six-figure salary.

She was also a member of the local New Brunswick Elks Lodge No. 324, an institution known for its charitable contributions.

Scattergood was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and moved to Middlesex County around the time she joined the city’s police force.

In 1985, her family then moved to Kendall Park, and she joined Our Lady of Peace church in North Brunswick, after attending the local St. Mary of Mount Virgin Church.

She is currently survived by her husband Thomas Scattergood, and their children Robert, Olivia, and Amanda.  Other close family members including her sister Lynne Beauchamp and husband Timothy from Ohio, and her dear lifelong friend Janice McCabe.

A compassionate wife and mother, Scattergood exemplified a proud and noble spirit and transcended the definition of what it meant to be a working woman in America.

In her spare time, she practiced painting, knitting, and other handicrafts as the hobbies which granted her an artistic expression and outlet throughout her career and time of motherhood.

She was especially devoted to the needs of her family when not on shift at the department, and endeavored to make the most of the time she had for them and their closest friends.

Services were held at the Our Lady of Peace Church in North Brunswick and the funeral took place in Somerset at the Gleason funeral Home.

The family also asked for contributions donated in honor of Chapman-Scattergood’s memory to be directed to the St. Jude Foundation at