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Presiding Criminal Judge in Middlesex County to Retire in January

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Middlesex County Superior Court Judge  Bradley Ferencz is preparing to retire from his powerful position, having served as Presiding Judge of Criminal Division since 2011.

One of Ferencz's clerks confirmed to New Brunswick Today that the judge's last "work day" will be January 16, and he will be officially retiring at the end of January.

Ferencz, an East Brunswick resident, earns a $165,000 annual salary as a judge, and has been enrolled in the state pension system since 1997.

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Taxpayers to Pay $75,000 to Man Falsely Jailed For 11 Months Due to New Brunswick Police Department Error

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's police department has opted to pay $75,000 to a man who sued them after the department wrongly arrrested and imprisoned him for nearly a year.

Jose Granados-Joya alleged in a lawsuit that officers arrested twice as many people as they should have after a fight in February 2011, and gave false testimony to a grand jury later that year, keeping him in prison for eleven months.

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Middlesex County Drug Court Probation Officer Out on Bail After Charges of Taking Bribes, Official Misconduct

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—State probation officer Rhonda Battle, age 46, has been charged with official misconduct and bribery after allegedly accepting an undisclosed amount of cash from an unidentified offender.

According to County Prosecutor Andrew Carey, the offender offered bribes to Battle in exchange for ensuring they passed drug tests and completed his probation.

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Governors of NY and NJ Veto Port Authority Reform Bills, Instead Ask Board Members to Offer Resignation

TRENTON, NJ—New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, along with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, announced an overhaul of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's administration, at the same time they opted not to approve bills passed by state legislators with the same goal.

Among the recommendations by the two governors for all members on the Board of Commissioners to "tender an offer of resignation to be considered by their respective Governor."

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Former Rutgers Student Charged With Arson After Allegedly Setting Fire to ARC Building

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—An arson investigation conducted by the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO), the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD), and Edison Police Department has led to an arrest in connection with the fire at the Allison Road Classroom Building fire on Busch Campus in Piscataway.

The suspect has been identified as Shayam Sridhar, 21, a former Rutgers University student from Edison.

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