NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Friday November 14, at 8pm in Trayes Hall of the Douglass Student Center, located at 100 George Street the Rutgers Belly Dance Troupe will be hosting their biggest event of the semester, known as the “ Fall Hafla.”

Hafla, an Arabic term meaning “party,” is a Rutgers Belly Dance tradition that takes place in both the fall and spring semesters of each school year.

Sure to be memorable night, the event  is completely free for all attendees and will include numerous performances by the Rutgers Belly Dance Troupe as well as food catered by King Pita, a Middle Eastern restaurant located in the College Avenue Student Center.

There will also be an artist hand designing free and beautiful henna tattoos, which are actually designed using a plant that is called Henna making them not only beautiful, but completely natural.

The Rutgers Belly Dance troupe seeks to represent all different styles of Belly Dance, which can differ greatly from one place to another.

This mix of different Belly Dance styles can be classified as fusion, the art of combining different dance styles together into one seamless performance.

This Belly Dance fusion can include Belly Dance forms from throughout the Middle East as well as other dance forms entirely such as Bollywood for example.

The night’s performances will also be the first time for the newest members of the team who joined this fall to perform in such a big event with their Rutgers Belly dance troupe teammates.

The new members include students in every grade from freshmen to senior.  Auditions will be held next fall.