UPDATE (11/5): Carol Barrett came in first place with 76,270, with 60% of the vote across the county.  Her running mate Charles Tomaro also won his seat for a full term, but trailed behind Barrett by almost 4,000 votes.  Republican candidates garnered 53,747 and 51,482 votes and 166 write-in votes were cast.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—This Tuesday is Election Day in New Jersey, and two candidates are going to be elected to the position of Middlesex County Freeholder.

There are 4 candidates running for the position of Middlesex County Freeholder, Carol Barrett, Charles Tomaro, Richard J. Greene, and Stephanie M. Bartfalvi.

Carol Barrett and Charles Tomaro are both currently holding the position of Middlesex County Freeholder, and are both democrats.

Richard J. Greene and Stephanie M. Bartfalvi are both republicans.

Barrett is running for her third term as Freeholder, and Tomaro is running for his second term.

The Democratic candidates are running on how they fought for an increase in the minimum wage and pushed to expand funding for job training in Middlesex County.

While in office, Barrett and Tamaro helped create an online business portal to attract new jobs and help existing businesses grow.

Before being elected to the position of County Freeholder, Tomaro held many political positions, most notably, Edison Council Vice President, Edison Council President, and Edison Township Councilman

Barrett has previously held the position of Executive Secretary of Middlesex County Central Labor Council of the AFL-CIO, and has been on the South Brunswick Zoning Board and the South Brunswick Township Council.

The Republican candidates, Greene and Bartfalvi, are running on how they want to cut wasteful spending, reduce borrowing, and make bipartisan decisions with other Freeholders.

Greene has held the position of Senior Staff Member with the New York City Council, as well as Chief Budget and Policy Analyst with the New York City Budget Office.

He is currently a member of the Old Bridge Township Council, as well as a Commissioner on the Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority.

Bartfalvi is a member of the South Plainfield Planning Board, as well as a member of the South Plainfield Affordable Housing Committee.