NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Friday, October 31 at 11PM the State Theater will host the ultimate Halloween audience participation film.

The theater will be playing the cult classic movie musical, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” on their massive projection screen.  Tickets are $14.

The film stars include Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Meat Loaf, and Edison’s own Susan Sarandon.  It also features such classic songs as “The Time Warp,” “Dammit Janet,” “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” and many more.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a humorous albeit campy tribute to the science fiction and horror B movies of the late 1930’s through early 1970’s.

The unique film was largely ignored upon its release in 1975, and originally considered a commercial flop.

The film was withdrawn from its eight opening cities due to very small audiences, and could have easily faded into obscurity, but it soon gained notoriety as a midnight movie when audiences began participating with the film.

The origins of audience participation began at the Waverly Theater in New York City in 1976, when audiences began talking back to the screen.

Over the years, much of the audience participation became “standardized” with  people yelling back lines at the screen in unison during the extended pauses between dialogue, as well as dressing up in costumes, acting out the film, and throwing  props at certain times during the film.

The State Theater continues this rich tradition, which has a history in New Brunswick.  As the theater’s website explains, “For the complete film participation experience, each audience member will receive a FREE goodie bag of props (while supplies last) to use throughout the movie.”

The historic theater encourages attendees to sing-a-long to the songs, dress up as your favorite characters, and “get ready to ‘Time Warp’ for a Friday night you’ll never forget!”

“We have a wonderful new film system and we’ve been showing films again,” said State Theater President and CEO Mark W. Jones.