NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—With his signature brand of Springsteen-styled raspy vocals, and a massive catalog made up of foot-stomp-enducing classics, Chuck Ragan is a staple within the punk and folk scenes nationwide. 

And this Saturday, October 25, Ragan will be coming to the Hub City to perform in New Brunswick’s famous Court Tavern.  Doors will open at 7pm.

Due to the popularity of the show, advanced tickets can be reserved for just $3, and paid for at the door for those who plan to show up early.  Meanwhile, unreserved tickets at the door will cost $10.

Tickets can be reserved at the event’s Facebook page.

With his most recent release, Till Midnight, which dropped earlier this year, Ragan has taken on something of an evolution from his days of being a punk purest, and now tends to lean further to the folk rock side of the coin.

His Americana timbre with flecks of his punk roots have been captivating his fans for little more then a decade, and he has shown no signs of slowing down. 

Accompanying Ragan on his current tour are likeminded rough-riding folksters, Cory Branan and Jared Hart.  They will both be there tonight along with Matt Pryor for this evening’s show, which is sponsored by Red Bull.

Branan and Ragan have toured together several times in the past as part of Ragan’s brainchild, The Revival Tour, which features single members of popular punk and rock acts playing their own material in a solo acoustic capacity.

Branan will be supporting his most recent release from ealier this year entitled, No Hit Wonder. 

Hart follows suit with his two tourmates, bringing with him a very recognizable brand of folk punk.

Hart is the frontman for The Scandals, a popular punk outfit from Bayonne, and has worked alongside punk giants such as Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem.