NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–On October 21, famed psychosexual therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, paid a visit to the Douglass Student Center to give a lecture on her much renowned expertise in psychology and sexuality. 

“Dr. Ruth” made her claim to fame on her radio talk show, which eventually became televised, and is considered an expert in the psychology of sex and sexuality between people.  She has published over 30 books throughout her career on the subject.

During her lecture, she discussed several issues she has found within modern relationships, specifically those in a college demographic.

She stated during the lecture, regarding one of her causes for concern in young people in relationships today, “A trend of college students holding hands and texting with their other hands.” 

The lecture was in honor of one of Dr. Westhimer’s long time friends and colleagues, Rutgers Professor Richard D. Heffner, who passed away last December at the age of 88.

According to The Daily Targum, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Heffner met some time ago when he became her neighbor, and she made several appearances on his PBS Television show, The Open Mind. 

It is no secret that Westheimer and Professor Heffner shared a passion for education.

On his PBS show, Dr. Heffner interviewed hundreds of extremely intelligent, respected, and coveted members of society, and encouraged critical thought and intelligent conversation.

Heffner saw education as a service, and believed firmly in doing his part to shape the minds of his students to be able to tackle the issues of today and beyond.