NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A couple of current Rutgers students allegedly decided to light up the night early Saturday morning by igniting a bedsheet as it hung from the second story windows of their apartment building at 75 Easton Avenue.

At about 2:50 am, New Brunswick police noticed what was initially described as “a flag on fire,” hanging from the building known as “The Easton” and dispatched firefighters to the scene, according to radio transmissions.

Carlos Gasperi, 29 and a Somerset resident, and Daniel Guillem, 25 and a New Brunswick resident, were arrested and charged with aggravated arson after attempting to flee the New Brunswick officers who first noticed the fire.

After a very brief footchase that ended behind the building, police were able to subdue and arrest the suspects, according to a police press release.  Guillem was also charged with resisting arrest during the struggle.

The flames were subdued before they could spread throughout the building, and there were no injuries reported.

Guillem is currently out on $35,000 bail, while Gasperi is being held at the Middlesex County jail in lieu of bail, set also at $35,000.

As we reported previously, in the following night at least nine people were arrested during the first-ever Rutgers Big 10 football game.